Self-Defense for Men and Women

Krav Maga (קְרַב מַגָּע) means "contact combat" in Hebrew. It is the name given to the Hand-to-Hand Combat System taught to Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers. The original system is remarkable for its universal applicability and incredible efficiency. The vast majority of Krav Maga schools teach a "civilian version" of the original Krav Maga which is "watered down" and more focused on exercise than technique. Others have combined it with Karate, Jiu-jitsu, or MMA in misguided attempts to "improve" the world's most effective and intuitive system of self-defense.

Pure Krav Maga is the authentic system taught by Master Sergeant Boaz Aviram, Former Chief Instructor of the IDF Combat Fitness Program. Nothing unnecessary has been added! Nothing critical for your survival has been left out! The focus is on mastery of the techniques that could save your life or those of your loved ones.


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